When you decide to make an arrangement to rent a villa, it is only natural that you would like to have the best amenities available. Although you may not be willing to compromise with any aspect of quality or service, you certainly wouldn’t like to miss out on the convenience of modern facilities that only luxury villa rental offers. Many people often wonder how they can choose between a basic and a luxury villa, which is something that is completely easier with the online booking options that are available from most of the leading rental companies. Whether you are planning to travel for business or pleasure, you can choose your level of privacy as well as the type of bathroom facilities that you would like to have when you rent a Kartar Villa.

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Kartar Villa have Three Rooms and One Drawing room area.
Exotic, Deluxe & Luxurious rooms, pool available for fun, party & mesmerizing splendid views.

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Kartar Villa

Kartar pool Villa Pattaya, a property with a terrace, is located in Pattaya, a 15-minute walk from The Avenue Pattaya. This villa provides air-conditioned accommodations with free WiFi. It is a known fact that nothing can beat the charm of golden beaches on a hot summer day, and that is why Kartar Villas has become so popular in recent times. If you too want to experience the same charm for your vacation, then it is time you made an enquiry with one of the leading Kartar Villa rental companies in Pattaya. They will be more than happy to offer you a great deal and provide you with all of the best and most modern bathroom facilities that your money can buy.

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Kartar Villa

For those traveling with larger families. Some of these villas have additional facilities such as a restaurant with outdoor seating, a restaurant with an indoor eating area, a children’s play area and a guest house. For those traveling in groups of more than four people. These villas also provide additional facilities such as a meeting room and a restaurant with outdoor seating.

“Just wanted to thanks Kartar Pool Villa  for providing us such an awesome place. It is by far the most professional, easy to live as well as had some quality time with family and friends.”

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The villa is equipped with a flat-screen TV and a living room. The property is equipped with a kitchen. You can get in touch with the Kartar Villa in Pattaya,  through phone, live chat and even by e-mail. There is no set charges for making an enquiry or for booking your services on our website. The rates for the services offered vary according to the requirements of the guests, occasion and budget. However, it should be noted that all enquiries made by you will remain confidential.

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“Kartar Villa is beautiful, elegant and the support were first class! I’ve gone from being a total novice to having a gorgeous place!”




“Hats off to Kartar villa! You deserve all the recognition that you get for a very good pace and so wonderful staff. Customer service has been excellent too!”


“You guys have the best response service. I have visited nearly 45 countries in the last 2 years & I’m really impressed with your service.”



Activities & Properties

Beautiful Pool

The most luxurious and elegant villas in Thailand can be found in Kartar, which is one of Thailand’s premier seaside towns. It offers fantastic marine views, ideal for scuba diving, fishing and snorkelling. With an amazing tropical setting and numerous restaurants, cafes and bars, there’s no better place to relax than at a villa in Kartar. Fitting for a large family, it has two double beds, a sofa bed and an additional guest bed, doubling up as a sofa and bed in emergencies. Inside the altar villa you will find a living/dining area complete with a large dining table, an en suite bathroom and modern amenities including a shower.

Kartar Villa
Kartar Villa

Inside The Villa

There are many things to do at the Kartar villas apart from just enjoying the safari and the occasional dip in the swimming pool or the intimate bonfire during the evening. There are many activities that you can organise on your return to Bwindi, such as bird watching, hiking, horse riding, fishing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, tennis or any other outdoor activity you can think of. Since the guest houses are situated beside the edge of the Serengeti, every evening you can have dinner and then enjoy the bonfire and discuss in the guest caterers log about the experiences you had in the area. Alternatively, you could take your family out to explore the wildebeest migration or the delicious Maasai cuisine.

Amazing Villa

If you want to book a room in the Kartar villa for your wedding or corporate function or even a birthday celebration or other event, our experienced, professional staff will assist you with the booking process and make your experience one to remember. For your convenience, we have a guest book button which is located on your website’s home page. Just click this button and within seconds you will be contacted by our qualified, friendly, trained and responsive guest service team who will set up an appointment with you and call you to assess your requirements and recommend the best prices available in town. Whether you want a personalized service or all general business, we will provide you with whatever you require.

kartar villa
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